Enhanced Cooperation in Internet Governance: From Deadlock to Dialogue

Announcing an IGF 2012 pre-event

 Enhanced Cooperation in Internet Governance: From Deadlock to Dialogue,  5 November 2012, 10.30 – 17:30, Baku Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

This IGF pre-event is open to all participants.

The objective of this pre-event is to enable frank and constructive dialogue on enhanced cooperation in internet governance.

It will, build on the many discussions that have taken place in the last two-years at various UN meetings [1] and on reports related to these meetings, including the UN Secretary General’s report of the consultations held in New York in December 2010 [2]. It will reflect on recent discussions at the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) consultation on Enhanced Cooperation held on 18 May 2012 [3], and further dialogue that took place during the 15th session of the CSTD in the week of 21 May 2012 in Geneva.Relevant activities undertaken in multistakeholder bodies and processes (e.g. ICANN, RIRs, IETF) and intergovernmental organizations (e.g. CoE, IBSA, ITU and the OECD [4], among others) will also be taken into account.

In preparation for the event, the organizers invite written contributions to deepen participants’ understanding of the issues at stake and insight into stakeholder perspectives of enhanced cooperation. These contributions will be made available prior to the event, and will be considered for inclusion in an online publication after the event. We believe that the contributions that address the following would be of particular value:

Mapping enhanced cooperation: an exploration of Internet governance (IG) processes and spaces, which maps gaps, progress, and good and bad practice from various perspectives with regard to ‘enhanced cooperation’.

Priorities: which governance institutions and areas of governance are various actors most concerned about and what are the changes they would like to see made and the reasons for wanting these changes.

Principles: what are the core principles that should underpin global Internet governance? How are these defined?

Case studies or scenarios: of how specific IG processes or institutions operate from the perspective of stakeholder inclusion/exclusion and/or scenarios of how IG processes or institutions can change in line with the WSIS principles and the goals of the Tunis Agenda. Case studies or scenarios of what kind of international public policy issues may require resolution and may not be adequately addressed at present are also encouraged.

Next steps: what steps and processes can take this discussion forward in a productive manner. For example, at the May 2012 consultation there was discussion of pursuing the enhanced cooperation discussion under the multistakeholder aegis of the IGF. Would this be advisable, particularly given the demonstrated difficulty of agreeing on another process? Or are there better alternatives that could gain consensus? What steps and processes can take this discussion forward in a productive manner.

A programme and registration information will be made available shortly.

The Internet Society will invite all participants to a reception after the event.

Save the date! 5 November 2012

This pre- event is being organised by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the Internet Society (ISOC) and the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action to Support the Information Society (ICC-Basis) with support from the governments of Brazil, Egypt, and Kenya. Each of the lead organisers has agreed to do outreach into their respective communities as the planning continues.

Register here (note you’ll be redirected to crm.apc.org) or email igf-pre-event [at] lists.apc.org.


[1] These include meetings of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in July 2011, the UN General Assembly in September
2011 and the 6th Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi in September 2011.
[2] Dated 4 May 2011. Available at http://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/un/unpan045826.pdf.
[3] Report at http://unctad.org/en/Pages/MeetingDetails.aspx?meetingid=61.
[4] Council of Europe; India Brazil and South Africa; International Telecommunications Union; Organisation for Economic
Cooperation and Development.



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